Wednesday, August 25, 2010

abc wednesday - F is for "flip-flops"

It's getting near that time when I'll have to put
mine away, and that makes me sad. For me,
summer = flip-flops. (How about you?)

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  1. Yes! and I need a new pair too.
    why does Summer go by so fast?

    I hope you had fun in beautiful Montauk Alexa.
    : )

  2. That is quite a collection of flip-flops. Colourful!

  3. Oh, you get an "A" for this "F"! I never wear flip-flops. They're too flat and my feet hurt. However, I have bought a cheap but jazzy pair for showers, trips to bathrooms on train in India.

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  5. The colors and layout are so tropical. I thought of Thailand.

    But as for me—Barefoot! Or barefoot with sole. I am really wondering if I should get a pair. Maybe too expensive...

  6. I just don't like wearing flip flop!

  7. my 6 y.o. daughter loves them, but I don't.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. Summer shoes indeed for my daughters and many of my friends but not for me. Like Bibi, too flat and hurts my toes.
    But it makes a really pleasant and colorful picture.
    Yes, Summer is no longer in the air; it smells more something like "rentrée des classes" !!
    What about you, Alexa ? Fall in Paris ????

  9. Me too!!! Although I had a terrible fall this summer due to my previous flip-flops...

  10. I so agree. Summer is my favorite season and flip-flops my favorite footwear!


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