Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It takes two . . .

If you're in NYC on a Saturday and absolutely
must tango, head for Central Park and join
all the other tango-obsessed folks who
gather from 6 to 9 pm by the statue of
Shakespeare near the Literary Walk. Last
week, this was the couple to watch.
(Check out this NY Times video.)

[This is part of the That's My World Tuesday
meme. See more of the world here.]


  1. Oh yes, definitely check out the video. This looks like so much fun.
    Now, have you tried it, I wonder?

  2. I do love to tango -- or did before my knees checked out. But my daughter has been a tango dancer for many years and it is wonderful! Great post for the day! Enjoy your week!


  3. Thanks so much for that dynamic photo and video. I read Maria Finn’s book so it is nice to have some visuals to flesh out the verbal.

    I had heard that Argentine male tango dancers can be pretty rough characters, but this guy (at the end of the sentence) is dancing with a stiletto in his hand.

  4. Am going to check the video now. I think the tango is a sexy dance, rose in teeth and all.

  5. Sadly, I don't think I've ever felt that I absolutely must tango. I'm sure I'm missing out on something.

  6. I don't think I am co-ordinated to try tangoing, but I would love to watch.

  7. What Lesley said!! If I entwined my legs like that I would simply fall over. However, it is such a sexy dance to watch. And when executed well, such a delight. Thank you so much for the post. I am off to France in a few weeks and I am told that in Paris on a Sunday afternoon at the bottom of Rue Mouffetardt there is also dancing. I wait with bated breath ...

  8. VioletSky -- It just doesn't look right if you're not wearing HIGH heels. So first I'd need to get a pair—and then learn to simply walk in them before attempting the tango!
    TG -- I think I pulled something just looking at that!

  9. this is so cool! & I only thought they did this in Italy - & here people are doing it too, wonderful!

  10. Alexa, I think that the Tango is really hot right now across the globe. I fell in love watching the tango dancers in Buenos Aires. I will track down the dancers in Paris on my next visit!


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