Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend Reflections

I usually do the Photo Hunter challenge on Saturday. 
But the category this week is "numerical," and 
I am so numerically challenged I could come up with 
precisely nada (or I guess I should say "zero"). 
So here's what I would normally post on my
"other" blog.  Saw this while I was strolling
around beautiful, high-priced Brooklyn Heights.

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  3. Are you sure that isn’t a view in the window of the Sackler Wing’s Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? I know that it must be something like a brick wall but the shadows make it look columnar. Your photo is so uncanny.

    (Trouble with links and omitted letters)

  4. I guess 'zero' is a number, isn't it? I'm baaad at math and its definitions, so am not sure if you could have then gotten away with posting 'nothing'. I do prefer this reflection, though! Quite lovely.

  5. Here is something numerical about this photo:

    The date is August twenty first or 8/21. If you multiply those numbers you get 8 X 21 = 168. Add those digits 1 + 6 + 8 = 15 which is the exact same number of window panes in your photo. If you divide the number of window panes (15) by the date multiplied and then added (15) 15 ÷ 15 = 1 you get the number 1. What a coincidence. Your daily photo is the #1 thing I look forward to everyday. なんちゃって。

  6. Yes, zero is a number, but I guess that means that you can post zero numerical photos. This one is worth it anyway. The reflection makes it look like the window looks directly in on a wall.

  7. TG -- 何を意味する "just kidding"? :~}

  8. はい。そうです。よく知っていますね。On my browser it is third from the top here.

  9. Oops. It’s under “nanchatte.”

  10. I wonder if you got that ability from living in a foreign country. You took a kind of educated guess based on context and derived the correct meaning out of thin air. Good on ya!


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