Wednesday, August 18, 2010

abc wednesday - E is for "educational & entertaining"

. . . and extremely bogus, I'm sure. I think
Coney Island is lots of fun, but I'm not gonna
spend my money on anything but a Nathan's
hot dog—and maybe the Cyclone!

[You can see more of the letter E here
at ABC Wednesday.]


  1. Whoa, man. This just freaks me out. I never believed none of that there “sea serpent” stuff, not until I saw this here real live video of a Japanese sea serpent. Whoa Nelly! He moves just about a lot like your Cyclone, ’ceptin’ under the sea. But not always so’s watch out now hear!

  2. More entertaining than educational, and even then, not much fun!! I like the stance of the spruiker.

  3. I've been to Coney Island; you mean it's not real? This is devastating news.

    Oh, I haven't been on the Cyclone in a LONG time!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

    WV: aroma - smell of the boardwalk

  4. Such an excellent sign for your "E" post, Alexa!

  5. Ha, ha. That's what I try to make my classes, too.

    Now I want a hot dog.

  6. Nicely done E. Never been Coney but been around enough to have seen some of these!

  7. Alexa, great colors and truly drole expression on the guy (the Spruiker?)

    I came as quick as I could as I thought you might have an elephant! (jk)


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