Wednesday, August 4, 2010

abc wednesday - C is for "cannolis"

Leave the gun . . . take the cannolis.
Clemenza probably bought them right here
in Little Italy before heading off to whack
Paulie Gatto. (I read that Richard Castellano
ad-libbed the second part of that line—and
that James Caan also ad-libbed
"bada-bing."  Brilliant.)

[See more ABC Wednesday here.]


  1. did you hear Godfather part two is playing (for free)in Little Italy?
    here is the link;

    meanwhile, I would love a late night pastry snack right now!

  2. What exactly are/is 'cannolis'? Is it some kind of food?
    Best wishes,
    Anna's Cats

  3. I've only watched a brief part of one of The Godfathers, and can't bring myself to watch the rest {I know, I know}. No stomach for it. The cannolis, on the other hand...

  4. Absolutely loved the clip—"take the cannolis"

    It's breakfast time here, but I can taste those delicious cannolis. Nicks in the North End in Boston has great cannolis if you're ever in this area.

    ABC Wedneday Team

  5. Those are just too accessible, just calling your name as you walk by. Thanks, too Linda, for the Boston tip!

    Just yummy! Miam-miam!

  6. Cannoli are Sicilean pastry. And technically, the plural of cannolo, but I've NEVER heard ANYONE say that.

  7. Thanks for the links, Lily and Roger!
    (BTW, Roger, I married into a Sicilian family and never heard anyone say "cannolo.")

  8. hungry now! and just after dinner too :(

    lovely C though ;D thanks..!

  9. What a treat that would be! Great C.


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