Thursday, September 3, 2009

who lives here?

Based on the laundry drying on the fire escape,
if these garments are his everyday attire I'm
guessing this is not the home of a major
league ballplayer, Anglican bishop, or former
U.S. attorney general.  On the other hand, this
could be a strictly "after hours" wardrobe—in
which case, all bets are off (and what I wouldn't
give to see Ashcroft in these duds!).


  1. LOve all in your pic, the red fire exit stairs, the red bricks, the AC device through the window, this is NY as I happen to learn and like from all the movies and TV shows I saw !! And the clothes !!And your comment !!
    Today, day of the "rentrée des classes" here in France, you get a "10 sur 10" grade !!!!

  2. I took lots of thes photos in NYC; they are so New York. I wish I had a fire escape to sit on in this hot weather.

    I'll have a 'laundry' shot coming up this Sunday...

  3. Hee hee! I think of this kind of scene too, especially thanks to the many {too many!} American TV shows and movies I watch. I heard animal prints are definitely BIG this season...

  4. I was always partial to Leopard!
    Marylene is so right. This looks like a movie scene from NY. Love this. The colors are amazing together and your writing is hilarious.
    I took some laundry shots in Italy.

  5. Glad you seem to like this, mes amies. Wish I was independently wealthy so I could just wander around town all day with my camera looking for stuff like this.

  6. Ascroft probably has the kinkiest undergarments, if you ask me. Thou protest too much, if you know what I mean.

  7. Isn't that the balcony that was all over the internet that you can see from the High Line? The lady there sings concerts at night.

  8. I know an Anglican bishop who wears stuff just like that.... nah, only joking. Though I do know an Anglican bishop. Well spotted though!


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