Wednesday, September 30, 2009

abc wednesday - K is for "key"

And this one is the key to the whole
Kingdom, apparently. This statue of
St. Peter, which stands in front of the
Vatican, was sculpted by Giuseppe di
Fabris in the mid-19th century.


  1. this is great Alexa, how did you get so close!
    wait till you see mine, we were on the same page, sort of.

  2. That's one key you'd never misplace. Reminds me of those mega keys you used to get when you checked into a Parisian hotel years ago....and still get, if you stay at the Esmeralda.

  3. Hee hee, I was just at Lily's place and as soon as I saw your photo, Alexa, I thought, "Snap!" This is beautiful, Alexa. And I miss 'proper' keys in hotels. I know, the plastic thingos are terribly practical, but where's the romance...

  4. Beautiful! My first reaction was where is this statue in NYC?

    Of course, it was the Vatican. :-)


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