Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"That's My World"—New York @ night (2)

This is prime Greenwich Village: Father
Demo Square, at the confluence of
Bleecker St., Carmine St., and 6th Ave.
(NYers never call it Avenue of the Americas).
They recently spent a couple of years
renovating this square (but didn't remove
its charm—thank you!).
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  1. Alexa! This is amazing! How did you do that? Beautiful!
    My favorite pizza place, Joe's (from the movie Spiderman, though they did move it down a few doors) is right across the street.

  2. Great view ! It seems to be a charming place, very Italian !!

  3. That's a beautiful photo, Alexa, of an equally attractive place. Well done.

  4. I thought it was Italian too! Charming is right, and the lighting in your shot is gorgeous.

  5. Oh wow! I just past this spot over the weekend --I didn't know it looked so pretty at night! I love the fountain.

  6. Fantastic shot, Alexa! That is really beautiful! And I love the fountain! Great! Thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy some pizza for me the next time you're there!


  7. Definitely no charm removed. What an enchanted place. Beautiful capture!

  8. Awesome light and scene. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  9. what can i say? i heart new york. i would definitely love to explore more of the place. thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone! Must admit, I love this photo—which is part luck and part magic, I think.


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