Wednesday, September 9, 2009

abc wednesday - H is for "home"

And this was my last one when I lived in Paris:
1, rue de l'Ecole Polytechnique, in the 5th—a
VERY narrow building (a bed just fit along the
end wall). My roommate and I lived on the 3rd
floor, and almost got in big trouble with the
concierge when our cat knocked a plant off the
windowsill (plante? chat? Je ne sais pas de
quoi vous parlez, Madame!) You can see in this
shot (taken 30 years later) that they've solved
that problem.

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  1. what a cool place to have lived! I am so glad you are blogging to share all the interesting tidbits about your life.
    please, do tell us more...

  2. Thank you for sharing with us.
    You were in a nice area.
    Something funny : 30 years ago, I was living in the 5th, not so far, you just had to "climb" the Montagne Ste Geneviève and continue to Place de la Contrescarpe and there you were ! But I never thought of taking a picture, on my To Do for next time.

  3. And even though 30 years have passed, Paris is still home, isn't it? It is for matter at which one of the many addresses I lived.

  4. Ah! The sixties! So refreshing after the fifties! I was at sea at the time. Heady stuff!

  5. So you and Marylène could have passed each other in the street at the time and never known ~ amazing. What a relief that the plant went overboard instead of your kitty. And what a lovely place and story to tell.

  6. Looks like a movie set and you lived in a wonderful old building.

  7. Hi Alexa, so glad you stopped by My Farmhouse Kitchen. I love Sara anything Gourmet magazine. I loved watching her when The Food Network first started. Was lucky enough to take a workshop from her and meet her. Very nice lady.

    I'm glad you found me through Sharon. It is fun meeting people that enjoy the same things. Oh, life in New York. My dream. I am way out here on the Central Coast of California. Lived in Cambria the same years as Sharon did. 1980 -2007. I was her first employee at her herb shop Heart's Ease...and I loved every minute of it.Learned so much about gardening and "Maine Style" from her.
    I might be in California, but I am pretending I live in Maine. Had an opportuinity to visit Sharon and Jeff in South Bristol. Walked into that darling cottage and cried. Most wonderful place I had ever seen. As you probably know, they are in Italy till October. I miss both of them. :-(

    When they are in San Luis Obispo,CA we are about 1 minute from each others house.

    I'll be in touch and am glad to meet blogworld..


  8. Lily -- all in good time!
    Marylene -- quelle coincidence, eh?
    Bibi -- yes, it is!
    Rinkly -- oh, yeah, the '60s were the best.
    Shell -- I am so lucky to have lived in this beautiful city. Eugene (or Eugene Eunuch, after the little "operation," was the smartest cat I ever had—he never would have gone overboard.
    photowannabe --I know, I know!
    Kary -- I'm glad I found you too. I never watched Sara when her show was new, because it was too hard to see my loft (designed and built from scratch by the hub and me) at the beginning of each episode. Have since gotten over it. And now I know I have to visit Sharon and Jeff up in Maine! Really hope their trip is fantastic.

  9. Oh, my, that could have caused big problems. :) I spent a summer in Paris and felt like I could have stayed there for years.

  10. This looks like a nice place to live!

  11. The 'Swinging Sixties'? Too busy working to notice them!

    Lovely photo, and great to have the memories.

    On behalf of the Team, thanks for joining in.


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