Wednesday, September 23, 2009

abc wednesday - J is for "java"

And some of the best anywhere can
be found in Italy. If you want to enjoy
a cup of Joe at Italy's first coffeebar—
Florian, in Venice—don't do what
Casanova did and sit at a table. You'll
save a few euros if you stand (though
you don't really have to since there are
stools) at the bar. Italy is the only
place on the planet where I'll forgo
my usual decaf for the real thing
(but with milk, please!)—because it
really is that good.
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  1. A gorgeous photo, Alexa, and oh, I've been there! {Not often I can say that.} We were guests of a charming Italian couple and they took us there and insisted on treating us. They sat, so we sat. The waiter brought our coffees and lovely little sweet treats out on a massive old silver tray - I pinched myself, it was so glamorous!

  2. Another word I didn't know !
    Java, in French : kawa, caoua (same pronounciation)!
    Something I drink far too often but never (or seldom) like on your photo, in such an incredible setting !

  3. True: coffee in Italy always tastes better than back home. I still go for the decaf though, don't want to get a splitting headache and forgo any Italian sights!

  4. So very true Alexa! I haven't had as good a cup of coffee since I've been back. The coffee was so good in Italy I can still remember how it tasted.

  5. Great shot, Alexa! Mmmmm and just what I need this morning and you're right, the best I ever had was in Italy!

    Have a great day!


  6. Nice coffee, Alexa, and a really tempting photo...slurp.

    Hey---the comment box won't let me leave a comment with my Google settings.... It's me, Bibi.

  7. Italy is the best place to drink coffee and people watch. Java is one of my favorite beans. Decaf is not for me, how would I wake up in the morning without that caffeine hit.

  8. Thanks, everyone!
    Bibi—wonder what happened. (Well, thanks for identifying yourself!)

  9. I'm surprised java didn't come up sooner in ABCW. Not a coffee fan myself, but I appreciate its allure.


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