Friday, September 18, 2009

skywatch Friday

Still can't quite leave the beach,
but can you blame me? Am still
envious of my daughter Lila, who
last month managed to visit four
different beach houses in the
space of one week! (But am even
more envious of the owners of
those beach houses.)
See more Skywatch here.


  1. Wonderful sky !! Even with the bad weather here, I would love to be there ! BTW sorry for my too long post yesterday.

  2. My gosh, it looks like a cloud geyser. How spectacular. And may I add, "Go Lila!!!"

    Enjoy the rest of your beach time, Alexa!

  3. the pattern is pretty amazing. what a great catch for Sky-watch!

  4. Oooo, that is a soaring image! Makes me want to fly. I too love the beach, even in bad weather.

  5. Thanks, all! I was pretty happy to be looking at this sky with a camera in my hand.
    Marylene -- it was not too long (no such thing), and I made a reply to it.

  6. I love to be there and take a bath, beatiful shot's

    Have great weekend!

  7. Oh my! That is some kind of wonderful!! Brilliant capture!


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