Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

This is the General Theological Seminary,
which takes up a whole block in Chelsea.
Clement Clarke Moore, author of the classic
'Twas the Night Before Christmas,' taught
here in the 1800s.
The buildings are built around a wonderful
green oasis in the center. We lived in this
neighborhood when the kids were little
and brought them here to play often.
See more shadow shots here.


  1. Lovely dappled shadows, Alexa ~ and those old stone stairs are beautiful. I wish the utilitarian railing wasn't required ... darn that public safety.

  2. Shell -- I agree that it definitely detracts. On the other hand—safety first!

  3. Shadows envelope
    even the seminary
    where Light is proclaimed.

    My Shadow Shot

  4. That's lovely! Your kids were so lucky to have played in such a wonderful place filled with so much history!

  5. Elegant! And the shadows so various. Something to look for in Chelsea!

  6. Lovely building and delightful shadows! I do love that dappled effect you sometimes get and you did get it beautifully!

    Have a great day!


  7. Very nice indeed.

    Have a wonderful evening and blessed week ahead.

  8. this is so pretty. I love shadows like this.

  9. That is a beautiful shot. I must have walked by it a couple of times but never really saw this entrance.

    Good job, Alexa.

  10. Thanks, all! So glad you liked it.


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