Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

Welcome to my "nest," the perfect place for
R and R—comfy chaise, my grandmother's antique
sleigh bed, mother-in-law's hope chest, and 
lots and lots of travel books.

[See more shadow shots here.]


  1. Ooooh, is this your place? How absolutely comfy. I could move in and wouldn't change a thing. Lovely.

  2. Your nest is so lovely and neat! Unlike my messy abode! Yours is very nice indeed! :)

  3. Your nest is beautifully warm and inviting, Alexa! I'm not surprised to see a vast number of books and I'm guessing there are many more than what we can see here. So do you use your grandmother's lovely sleigh bed like a day bed?

    Interesting shadow too! I almost forgot to look at it.

  4. I love that lamp among other things, Alexa. Thanks for the peek into your cozy nest.

  5. Thanks, ladies! There is an element missing here: a mostly red antique rug that makes things even "nestier." Shell, I do sleep in the sleigh bed—which not everyone could since it's about 100 years old and several inches shorter than today's beds (not a problem for the height-challenged like us, though).

  6. oh my goodness Alexa! what a lovely cozy perfect "nest". I really enjoyed enlarging this to get an up close look at all the details.
    ; )

  7. Sorry to be late ! Just couldn't sleep after a hectic weekend, but your place seems so warm and cosy (?) I could easily finish the night there or, at least, be comfortable reading. So nice !!

  8. What an awesome subtle shadow shot! And your nest looks so welcoming, full of the short list of necessities--books, books, and more books! Beautiful antiques, too. Thanks for sharing!


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