Monday, September 14, 2009

power to the (little) people

Okay, I have shopped at Barnes & Noble, but
I also try to frequent the small independent
bookstores in my neighborhood and around
the city—because I sure would hate to see
them disappear—wouldn't that be a shame?

Find more mellow yellow here.


  1. Love old and little bookstores. When I lived in Paris I'd rather go to "L'arbre à lettres" in my neighboorhood than to the big FNAC. And I think many others do as well since 25 years later this store still exists !!!
    Great picture !! Please continue with all those amazing and different views of the Big Apple !!!

  2. It would be, and I've seen more than a few go under. I agree with Marylene; I skip FNAC, unless I'm in a big hurry.

  3. Great Yellow Photo. I agree support the little fellow. The giants have too much power!

  4. Bright and cheerful looking! I choose the small, independent shops wherever I can. I grew up in small business and can't imagine a retail landscape without it.

  5. Now that's an eye catching window display!

  6. I am going to make it a mission to find a piece of clean straw/hay to stick in my mouth, and wear a cowboy hat so I can take a photo of it for you. :-)

  7. There are a few niche market independent bookstores in downtown Bangor. One deals exclusively with children's books and another in antique/old books.

    But my favorite is the HUGE Borders by the mall. That's where I spend most of my Saturday afternoons.

  8. so very sad if these little shops disappeared! I love small bookstores. Remember Spring Street Books in the village?
    Once I browsed books along side Geena (sp?)Davis.
    I loved the big picture windows in the front. It was always so cozy, especially when you could see the snow falling outside.

  9. What an inviting lil store. I can spend hours in book stores.

  10. I love the image on this post.


    I so agree with you on this post. When I lived in San Francisco I loved all the independent bookstores. Barnes & Noble is so cold in comparison. You really cannot find that interesting little book no has ever heard of in a Barnes & Noble. I love City Lights Books {San Francisco}, Powell's Books {Portland, Oregon} and Warwicks {La Jolla, California}.

    I would love to visit Shakespeare and Company {Paris France}. Oh any reason to visit Paris would be good enough for me. My boyfriend who is from NYC swears by Strand's {New York City}.

    I have to admit that I have recently taken to down loading audio books from my local library here in Hawaii. It is not the same thing, but it is convenient when you can carry a whole library on your ipod anywhere you go.

    I still love the feel of a book in my hands and the excitement of turning the first page on a new chapter. I guess I always will. ~ Velia Paints


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