Monday, July 20, 2009

The White Horse

This tavern in the West Village was opened in 1880. 
 Dylan Thomas drank (and drank and drank) here, 
and supposedly Jack Kerouac was kicked out more than
once.  Other famous patrons included Thomas's 
namesake Bob, Jim Morrison, Norman Mailer, and 
James Baldwin.  When I went by on this summer Sunday,
it looked like a nice mix of locals and tourists, 
and the usual bridge-and-tunnel crowd.


  1. I forgot about this place. I always liked this part of the Village though I haven't been here in years!
    You sure do get around Alexa.

  2. So there are places in NYC with outdoor terraces, nice place !
    New York is so full of surprises !!

    Are you on vacation any time this Summer, Alexa ?
    If so, I'll ask you to do some "devoirs de vacances" for me :
    I'll be in NYC during 4 days in September with my husband, first time for him and just a weekend before for me. I am preparing a schedule, but it is done from a tourist perspective, I'd like to get one from a "native" of NYC to compare.
    What would you suggest to see from NYC to get " l'âme de la ville" in addition to the must-see places ?
    Lily, yours suggestions are welcome too.
    Merci d'avance.

  3. I'd never have picked that as being around since 1880! Sounds like it has a feisty heritage. Somehow I can't imagine you, Lily or Marylène being kicked out.

  4. What a nice reprenstation of NY and summer weather.
    Of course now I have that song about The White Horse in my head and I never liked that song!

  5. Lily—this nabe feels like home; the kids went to elementary school a couple of blocks from here.

    Marylene—there are some places like this, but not a lot. E-mail me what you think are your must-see places, and I'll try to fill in the blanks, okay?

    Shell—Hey, I'll bet we could manage that degree of rowdy if we really tried!

    from cali—thanks, and I suppose I'm glad I can't think of what that song sounds like.

  6. I think you might recognize this

    I didn't watch this video so apologies in advance if there is anything rude, lewd or crude.

  7. Thank you, Alexa. A few days at home next week, (usually we are the kings of "staycation") and I'll make a list.


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