Thursday, July 2, 2009

good news!

I hope Ben means it, don't you? This
is Times Square, of course, and that's
the ball that they drop (or rather "lower,"
since it might be a bad idea to drop
something that's made of Waterford
crystals!) on New Year's Eve.
[FYI, that geodesic ball weighs 11,875
pounds, and is covered with 2,668
crystals. The 32,256 LED lights make it
possible to create 16 million colors and
billions (!) of patterns.]
Off to Virginia tonight and may or may not
be able to comment—please feel free to do
so yourself, of course. And Happy 4th to all
you patriotic (or not) Americans!


  1. It is great to see this so "up close" in the daylight. Great catch Alexa. Have a wonderful trip & Happy 4th of July too!

  2. "Lily H" — right back at'cha! I'm looking forward to fireworks—how about you?

  3. I know he means it. I just hope he's right!

    Have yourself a good time, Alexa.

  4. He'll be back . . . in my paycheck soon I hope!

    Happy 4th to you, Alexa and thanks to the French for helping to make our Independence possible!

  5. Here I was thinking Arnie was the first to say that. Great pic, Alexa!

    Happy 4th July in advance, and have a great time in Virginia!

  6. Thanks, all! Wishing you a great Fourth complete with BBQ and fireworks!


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