Thursday, July 23, 2009

Midtown from above

Boy, was I ever sitting on the right side of the plane! 
 Turns out a digital camera is one of those 
electronic devices that you're supposed to turn off 
when they tell you to.  But, hey, could you resist
sneaking a picture of this?  I couldn't!


  1. Alexa! I never knew you were such a dare devil!
    great shot btw, LOL..

  2. So flattered that you chose to break the law and risked being caught to offer us such an amazing view !!
    Thank you so much !
    As we say in France :
    on t'apportera des oranges !!
    (sous-entendu : en prison)

  3. Alexa, I'd never have thought that rule included cameras - good to know! Nice shot and I'll bring you some oranges too. {Or bake a cake with a nail file in it.}

  4. That is an incredible view. No wonder you like bad boys, you are sort of a bad girl, ain't ya?

  5. Happy to oblige, mes amies! I've been breaking this law (unwittingly) for years. See no reason to stop just because now I know it's verboten. (That's why I turned all the sound off on my camera—so I could sneak pix.)
    So it's good to know that you'll all bring me oranges when I'm in the hoosegow/nick/taule!


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