Thursday, July 30, 2009

funky chicken

This is my cousin's yard ornament,
which is about as tall as I am.
I LOVE outsider art (and have one small 
piece of my own, but I'm still
pretty envious of this big beauty)!


  1. I'm sorry Alexa - I just couldn't help myself. I'm guessing you were waiting for one of us to do it ... Here we go, Rufus.

    I LOVE your cousin's Alexa-size chicken - it would be fun to know where all the different bits came from. I'm tempted to buy some metal cutters and start a project!

  2. I am lacking of common culture and don't know exactly what "outside art" involves, pieces of art to be placed outside and/or made with "matériaux de récupération" ?
    Or things or objects "détournés" (used differently from their original purpose), quite " à la mode" right now !

  3. Shell -- Thank you! I knew you'd step up in TG's absence.
    Marylene -- it's not "outside," but rather "outsider" art—what Jean Dubuffet called " art brut."

  4. Thank you, Alexa.
    You know, I am a crountry housewife from Seine et Marne !!! One area of "bouseux" for the Parisians and many others !! LOL !!

    In addition to my shyness, my huge weight complex (English is such a nice agglutinative language that it is so easy to make "double entendre"!!), you can add a great sense of my lack of culture, especially on Modern Art ...........

  5. Marylene -- Pretentious Parisians may think of the Seine et Marne as "bouseux," but I say that anyone who can use the word "agglutinative" is certainly not a
    country bumpkin (the English equivalent)! You're much too effacée, but you do make me laugh.

  6. I like it, especially the aged look on it.

  7. Aw ... this is too cute ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,


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