Monday, July 6, 2009

Pulitzer Fountain

Built with the $50,000 bequeathed by the publisher
 for a fountain like "those in the Place de la Concorde in Paris."
The bronze statue depicts Pomona, the Roman goddess
 of abundance. There are ram's heads and horns of plenty to
further emphasize the theme of wealth. So I suppose it's 
fitting that this fountain is located right in front of the Plaza Hotel.


  1. There's something very festive about fountains! Do they toss coins in this one, Alexa? Fountains seem to bring out the wishing well instinct.

    {I'll toss in a silver dollar and ask for TG to materialise...}

  2. shell-- am at an airport on my way home now (I hope). Not used to typing on an iPod! Glad you came by yesterday, because you know those PTDDs were mostly for you. hope that wish comes true too!

  3. Yay, safe trip home, Alexa, on Feng Shui Airlines LOL. Thank you for the PTDDs - always appreciated. ;)

  4. sorry, A little tired and lazy tosay, my English is a little rusty, I don't get the whole vocabulary of your post but still I can say that I like fountains, symbol of prosperity and generosity and I like the view of this one.

  5. This fountain deserves a prize!

    Where is TG anyway? The shorties are lonely . . .

  6. Hi Alexa! hope your trip was safe & happy.
    Nice fountain btw.


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