Tuesday, July 7, 2009

country roads

Three days ago:  A twilight walk along a 
peaceful country road in rural Virginia—you
don't get views like this in Brooklyn!


  1. I loved enlarging this one, beautiful!

  2. That's what amazing in your country, the diversity of sights, always new and sometimes coming directly from the Old Continent.
    This picture could have been taken in any of the Scandinavian countries !
    BTW, the Bignonia, also called " jasmin de virginie", arrived in France and is well settled but turned to an orange, almost red color !!

  3. Lily -- thanks!
    Marylene -- once again, I learn something from you!
    Merci toujours pour un bons leçon d'horticulture—toujours apprécié.

  4. Marylene -- I meant "bon" leçon, of course.


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