Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hot dog!

Must admit, I've never understood the appeal.
But it's a big deal here in Brooklyn. Last year's winner broke 
his own record at this year's 4th of July contest—go, Joey!
I stopped in at this flagship Nathan's the weekend 
before the contest and ate precisely ONE (1) hot dog. 
It did have sauerkraut on it, though.  They have to
post calories on the menu (more than 2,000 for a double 
cheeseburger!) and the hot dog has 309.  So at 68 dogs,
Joey consumed 21,012 calories (and 1,360 grams of fat) 
in 10 minutes!  (That's about how many calories I
consume in 2 weeks! How about you?)


  1. yikes, I can't help but think that has to hurt.I love this photo Alexa.

  2. Thanks, Lily—that's exactly what I thought.

  3. Goodness... I hope their 15 mins of fame makes those calories worthwhile! There's no way I'd try it, but a macaron eating contest? That could change things somewhat.

  4. As much as I love the ad and your picture, as much I dislike the idea of eating so much junk food just for a contest !!
    I was surprised by the evolution of the quantities through time. Are the burgers smaller or the average American stomacks getting bigger ?

  5. Some American stomachs have gotten bigger, ahem.
    Shell: what if it were a macaron eating contest? Add a glass of
    Veuve Clicquot maybe to help wash them down. LOL.

  6. Cali, the Veuve's a fine touch, though I wonder if we'd lose sight of 'the goal' after a couple of glasses. :O


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