Thursday, July 9, 2009

baby girl

This "cheeky," bright-eyed little Mouseketeer 
is my daughter Lila, who has grown into a beautiful
young woman, if I do say so.  She's celebrating 
a big birthday tomorrow, so Happy B-day, Sweetie!


  1. I definitely see her Mama in that face! What a cutie. Happy Birthday lila!

  2. Un très Bon Anniversaire à Lila from France !!!
    What does a "big birthday" means ?
    Changing of tens, maybe ?
    Suggestion for a present : what I offered my daughter was a trip for two in the US ..... including ME ....

  3. LH -- it's the cheeks, right? ;~}

    Marylene -- oui, trois fois dix! What a perfect present you offered your daughter. Actually, I took Lila to Paris for her 18th birthday—she fell completely in love and has gone back at every opportunity. Sure would love to do that for this birthday too!

  4. Awww, isn't she adorable! I can see the resemblance too. I'm glad she inherited your impeccable taste for Paris, Alexa.

    Happy 30th, Lila! {Your mum rocks, but you don't need me to tell you that.}

  5. Thanks to all of you!! (I WAS pretty cute, wasn't I?)

  6. This is a "cute" picture...but, Lila is a beauty!


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