Monday, July 13, 2009

one toke over the line

Have you ever smoked a hookah?  For me, it has certain 
(left over from the sixties) connotations, but for 
some it's a different kind of social thing.  I no longer smoke,
but my Azerbaijani son-in-law has a hookah and 
invited me to join him, so I did.  Lesson learned: DO NOT inhale
(but if you don't make that mistake, it's kinda nice in a way,
 like smoking a peace pipe with cherry-flavored tobacco—
though I'm SO glad I no longer smoke that I'm not at all 
tempted to try a hookah again any time soon, if ever).


  1. I inhale my tobacco via the secondary method from hubby's cigars! {He smokes outside but you know, those swirling little breezes have a knack for finding their way around.} I wonder if he'd consider finding cherry-flavoured ones...

  2. Sweet Jesus! Hookah bars are all the rage these days. No thank you, says I!!!

    Word ver is unrollin!


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