Monday, July 27, 2009

Jet Ski!

Daughter Katie got talked into doing this 
(it wasn't too hard to convince her). 
 At some point she said to the driver "Faster!" 
and he told her, "We're going 104 mph!"
They got off to a rocky start, though, when they 
fell off twice (!) before they even got going. 
(Made Mama nervous.)
Have you ever ridden one of these?


  1. that first shot looks like a complete adrenaline rush! I think I may be too chicken to try this.
    They do look like they are having fun though.

  2. Same for me, or maybe if the water is very very warm, Hawaii, Seychelles, Tahiti....., I would let myself convince more easily, but not full speed !!!
    Did you try, Alexa ?

  3. I've never ridden a jet ski, but your pics reminded me of a miserably embarrassing and soggy waterskiing attempt. Good on Katie for having such derring-do! {Like her mum, of course.}

  4. I didn't try it myself (but that's only because I wasn't wearing my bathing suit). Next time, for sure!
    Shell -- you just made me remember learning to water ski at age 13 or 14. Managed to get up and stay up after a couple of (yes, wet and embarrassing—AND in front of a boy I had a crush on!) tries, though. What a rush.

  5. I hope your crush was impressed, Alexa - I know I am! It's way harder than it looks!

  6. Nope but I have done water tubing -- a huge inflatable tire/tubing tied behind a power speedboat going 100 mph. The speedboat would swerve and create huge waves to throw the tube rider off.

    Fun time but I almost lost my shorts.

  7. Shell -- believe he was (or maybe that was pity).
    Ming -- sounds like fun, with or w/o shorts!


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