Saturday, July 25, 2009

gone fishin'

Most of the fishermen on the Coney Island pier 
were at least 25 years older than this little
guy. But he looked so intense; I was rooting 
for him to snag the catch of the day.


  1. I never understood the fascination for fishing (je vais me faire massacrer par les adeptes !!!) but I have always been fascinated by fishermen (or boys).
    When a kid, on our ritual walk on the pier in Calais, I used to spend more time looking at the fishermen, the little bench/box with all their "tools" (?), the fishes they already had caught, than the sea itself !!
    No, I am wrong : I spent all my time watching fishermen AND ships crossing the Channel, my first virtual trips !!!!
    You're right, Alexa, this little man seems so focused ! The rest of the world no longer exists for him !!!

  2. this is great Alexa. I enjoyed enlarging this and seeing his expression up close. Marylene is right, he is lost in his own world.

  3. You have captured a moment this little boy will probably remember all his life: the simple pleasures of childhood.

  4. What focus! Isn't he adorable. And aside from that, it's a beautiful photo with his bright striped t-shirt against the weathered grey and sea and sky tones. Nice catch, Alexa!


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