Thursday, July 2, 2009

skywatch Friday

Have come down to Smith Mountain Lake,
in southwest Virginia, for the July 4th
weekend. I liked the way the late-
afternoon sky was reflected in this
placid pool.
Happy Skywatch!


  1. That's a beautifully composed photo.

  2. Great reflection of the sky in the pool. So much tranquility in that shot!

  3. sky and water is always a great combination! Happy 4th of July weekend!

    i skywatched too here!

  4. This pic could have been used for the "empty" selection. Where is everybody ?
    Busy preparing their own fireworks ? Or the water is too cold ? Pity no one is enjoying that nice pool !
    Question : are you allowed to make your own fireworks ?

  5. Wow, that is a beautiful reflection, Alexa. Nice one!

    Marylène, I imagine making one's own fireworks is very much Interdit {with red letters and lots of !!!!!!}. :)

  6. Actually, a friend shoots off a lot of fireworks down here every year—but I'm pretty sure he has to get a permit to do it, even on his own property.


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