Saturday, July 18, 2009

kid food?

Monday I showed you a store on Sullivan Street in 
the Village that sells hookahs. And now for something
completely different: This place is right across the 
street from City Underground.   I'm not about to go in 
and order a $6 PBandJ, but I'm a bit sorry I didn't get a 
jar of their "The Heat Is On" peanut butter, blended 
with chili powder, cayenne, and crushed red peppers.
Move over, Peter Pan!


  1. A store dedicated to peanut butter !!!!! I have to add it to my todo.
    Peanut butter isn't kid food to me, since I discovered it in 1984 during my first trip in the US. And I must say that it was a nice (but dangerous) surprise.
    Is it "in" or "out" to admit that you like regressive food ? PB&J is too American (and too sweet) for me but peanut butter on its own or added in lots of other meals is my special treat. And the "The heat is on" seems done for me !!!! Thanks for the link, Alexa, nice weekend to all of you.

  2. Ooooh! I don't eat chili but that sounds pretty wicked. I happily admit to a penchant for peanut paste. A spoonful straight from the jar is my afternoon pick-me-up {no double dipping, though, Scouts' Honour!} And sometimes I do the Demi Moore thing and spread it on slices of apple, if I want to feel a bit more virtuous!

  3. That's one thing I never tried, thank you, Sherree, I tried once with celery but not fond of it.
    I have a new excuse to ask anyone I know, going to the US, to bring me back some crunchy PB. The price in France is outrageous !!
    PB is always on top of my shopping list, along with chocolate chips and Mac & Cheese for my daughter !!
    And lots of other things....
    Preparing a shopping list is quite a serious business, I am already thinking of what I'll bring back next September. I am so glad that, when flying to the US, I am limited to 20 kilos, whereas I can and will go to 32 on the way back !!

  4. Sorry for the long post, it's weekend and a quiet one for the moment.

  5. Hi, ladies! As I was putting this post up, I was thinking that no one would have anything to say about it, but I guess I was wrong. No shame in admitting you're fond of kiddie food—personally, I love animal crackers, if you know what that is.
    Marylene, now I know what to bring you when I'm next in France :~}

  6. Alexa: I was thinking the same thing, about bringing PB for Marylène on my next trip!
    I've never tried peanut paste, Shell. Maybe one day . . .

  7. Cali, I should have explained, Peanut Paste is just what we grew up calling Peanut Butter in Australia. Unfortunately, most of the manufacturers here seem to call it Peanut Butter nowadays - but I like to stick with the old version. :)

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  9. Thanks for the explanation, Shell. I think I'll start using peanut paste and tell people I am speaking Australian. ;)


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