Saturday, January 22, 2011

Photo Hunt — "hands"

This is another challenge where I had too many shots
to choose from (who doesn't love to photograph hands?).
Finally settled on this one, because I also love reliquaries
(creepy but beautiful).  This one is in the Santa Maria
Novella church, in Florence. Don't know for sure, but
I'd guess that it contains some part of St. Sebastian.

[You can see more "hands" here, at tnchick's meme.]


  1. A superb choice, Alexa. This piece is beautiful, and your photo captures it even more beautifully. Your guess looks like a very well educated one!

  2. Great everything ! Choice, picture and guess !
    With the arrow,it has to be St Sebastian. But the fact that the body part really is his is another story !
    Florence has become my new "next favorite destination" .... among so many others ! Life is too short !

  3. I love Florence and this is just beautiful... I just did not have enough time in Florence to see it all but I can still close my eyes and transport myself there in an instant...



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