Friday, January 14, 2011

Skywatch Friday

The ex took this (because he just has to have the window seat!) 
as we were about to come in for a landing at Amsterdam's 
Schipol airport—where it took 40 minutes to walk from one gate 
to the next and they are very serious about security (don't ask).
[You can see more Skywatch here.]


  1. Well, next time fight for your rights! ;) Good shot anyway!

  2. Beautiful photo and a view from a plane window is one that I love...

    When we do get together, we'll have lots to chat about - hah!

    Bon weekend, mon amie!

  3. He did a great job.
    You reckon 40 mins is a lot :-)

  4. I am just hoping you didn't have to get a pat down!

  5. Lily -- I ALWAYS get patted down! And it's becoming more than a bit tiresome. Seriously, me?!

  6. Having lived in the Netherlands...that is about all you ever see of the sun in the winter...Brrr. Great shot..


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