Friday, January 7, 2011

Skywatch Friday

Went down to Virginia for the New Year celebration (as always).
One morning I got up before dawn—and this was my reward!

[See more Skywatch here.]


  1. Quite a worthwhile reward! My favourite part of the photo is the sky behind the silhouettes of the trees!

  2. Great sky!

    Happy SWF! =)

  3. Wow! yes, a reward indeed. I love skies like this.

  4. Your sky photo is beautiful!! I have one that looks very similar. I'm from Kansas and we have had the most beautiful sunsets the last few weeks that I have seen in years---they have been truly breathtaking. Hard to surpass some of the wonders of nature. I'll check back in on your blog-you have some great photos. Mickie


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