Wednesday, January 19, 2011

abc wednesday - A is for "aqua alta"

And here's the main drag of the Venetian island
of Burano.  Had lunch at this place, and by the time we'd
finished our fabulous meal of fish risotto, the
water was already receding (as I noted before,
the tide comes in and the tide goes out).

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  1. Wet tootsies or almost. I love the reflection here.

  2. Looks like the restaurant, not far from the "place de l'église" where I had the best rizotto al frutti di mare ever !!! But no aqua alta for me in Burano, just in Venice.
    Thanks for bringing back those nice memories to my mind and I love the mirror effect (?).

  3. The waiter seems so matter-of-fact about this, and maybe he was. Nice pic.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Looks a wonderful place for lunch! Am hungry at the thought of fish risotto!
    Thanks for this
    ABC Team

  5. How interesting! Love the reflection and the ambience!

  6. Lovely aqua reflection in a fabulous location... Love this photo, Alexa


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