Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Challenge — "window"

I had a hard time choosing an image for this challenge—
because I have too many!  There are Manhattan buildings
that are all windows, beautiful shapely Venetian windows,
and killer views seen through Roman windows.  But if
I'm going to choose just one, I'd have to say that the
stained-glass windows in the Sainte Chapelle trump them all!

[You can see more windows here.]


  1. Totally awesome Alexa! Visiting Sainte Chapelle is now officially on my important things to do list.

  2. I knew that was Sainte Chapelle when I only saw the tippy-top as it rolled in. I love to go there;may go again in Feb.

  3. I had forgotten how amazing the Sainte Chapelle was !
    Thanks to your picture and the link, I understand better why there is often such a long line boulevard du Palais and I think I'll soon be waiting in that line to visit it again....

  4. I'd always trust your judgment with such things, Alexa! What a stunner.

  5. woaa thats absolutely beautiful...
    brilliant :D

  6. I was visiting for Skywatch Friday.

    This is a great choice for Windows-Beautiful colors.
    Where is Sainte Chapelle ?

  7. Yep, Sainte Chapelle does it for me, too! Just exquisite windows and love the angle you selected.



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