Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Challenge — "best of 2010"

Don't know if this is the best, but it may be my favorite Thursday Challenge
shot of 2010.  I posted it under the category "play" back in May.
A few weeks later I ran into this little boy and his dad in another
Brooklyn neighborhood, introduced myself, and got their e-mail address

so I could send them all the shots I'd taken of Dante that day.

[See more "bests" at the Thursday Photo Challenge,  here.]


  1. Really good one and good choice! I too like to get people's addresses to send them photos, wherever possible.

  2. How wonderful that you ran into them again! I feel the same as Bibi, that most people would like to have a great photo like this.

    Yes, great photo and may be the best but you had so many from which to choose!


  3. what a great capture Alexa! I love Dante's smile.

  4. wonderful capture... the expression is captured real well...

  5. Great energy in this image, Alexa. Good choice!


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