Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday

Back to Rome—maybe even more magical at night.  For 
those of you who know the city (or are as addicted 
to Google Maps as I am), this is via Panisperna.

[See more Sunday Shadows here, at Harriet's meme.]


  1. Happy New Year, Alexa!

    This is my first at shadow shot.

  2. that is quite a big shadow!
    Can't say I know this street but I totally agree, Rome is magical at night.

  3. Wow! I LOVE this photo! Such a magical shot and I so wish I was there strolling along that street! Happy New Year Alexa!

    Sorry the Mr Linky is currently down. If you're not able to pop back later to leave your link I'll pop it in later today when all is well again with Mr Linky. I think Mr Linky may have partied too hard for NYE and is sleeping it off :)

  4. What beautiful lighting.

    Thanks for the link advice. I half-wondered from whence that ivy was hanging out.

    There is an eponymous Italian movie titled: I ragazzi di Via Panisperna (in English: The via Panisperna Boys) about Enrico Fermi and cohort physicists.

    I guess we could be proud, as human beings, at the knowledge advancement, or equally ashamed as human beasts knowing that your street helped this, too, to arise.

  5. Wow, what a glorious ShadowShot! Never been to Rome, but sure travel there through this great photo!!

  6. Thanks, all! TG -- I'd totally forgotten about that movie (which I heard about but never saw), so thanks for the linkage.

  7. Alexa, the lighting, shadows and angles all work together in this photo... what a beautiful evening walk! Yes, Rome is magical at night!


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