Tuesday, January 18, 2011

random New Yorkers

I was going through my photos and moved a bunch of  them into a
folder that I titled "random New Yorkers."  I snuck this woman's photo
because she has a beautiful, strong profile—and her hair is a-mazing!
(How do I know she's a New Yorker? We were headed into
Brooklyn very late at night—and non-locals just don't do that.)

[I'm linking this back to That's My World Tuesday. See more of the world here.]


  1. I have these sneak shots...and love 'em. Sit there with my camera on my lap, subway noise covers the click, and voila! Good one and great hair.

  2. I love your "from the hip" shots, Bibi—and here's what I love about my camera: I was able to turn off ALL the sound—talk about sneaky!

  3. yeah, I turn off the sound and spend some time "looking" through my photos at different angles before sneaking in a shot! Unfortunately, I am not very good at the random people shots, so I need more practice.

    word verification is "lesson".

  4. A very cool portrait. love this Alexa!

  5. You can officially join the "sneaky photographers" club with this one! You are brave indeed right there with her "late" at night and pulling out your camera to take a shot or two!

    Love the new banner!


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