Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Been wanting to come to this place—Da Romano, 
on Burano—for years.  It's famous for its fish risotto, 
so much so that Tony Bourdain devoted part of 
the recent Venice episode of his show to this 
dish at this restaurant.  Word on the Web was mixed, 
but the service was perfect and the risotto was 
still excellent.  Hope they continue to keep it up!

[You can see lots more Sunday Shadows here at Harriet's fun meme.]


  1. yum, yum. I had salmon last night in a restaurant here, but I've been spoiled by the varieties of salmon in Seattle. I used to have pitcher quite similar to the one in this lovely and tempting photo!

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  3. Even the shadows on Da Romano’s white linen tablecloth look deliriously loopy with their sun-burst grins.

    With a little finagling you could have risotto fish

    I wonder what Da Romano has on offer for dessert. I don’t suppose...

  4. Very nice composition in this image, Alexa.

  5. Oh, the composition is great but my mouth is watering with your tempting culinary words!

    If I can get back to Venice (et al) I will be calling you for my itinerary, Alexa!


  6. Oh nice makes me want to go out and have a nice dinner with hubby! Stop by if you can I am a finalist in a comp thanks :-)

  7. Now I'm really really hungry! Love those long shadows! Happy new week to you!


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