Friday, April 30, 2010

Skywatch Friday

This should probably be called "Smogwatch" Friday!
Took this from the Brooklyn Bridge early on an
overcast morning.  Made me want to hurry to my
airless office—or buy an oxygen mask.  We're
no doubt breathing this stuff in every day—scary!

[See more—and possibly healthier—Skywatch pix here.]


  1. LOL! This image reminds me of that movie "Children of Men"
    I still like the mood of this photo - very sci fi (even if the smog is hazardous to ones' health)!

  2. looking to the scene..I see lots signs of the magic nature.And i like it
    Grace Olsson

    Have a nice day

  3. Yes, and I bet NYC isn't the smoggiest place around either. When are people going to FINALLY realize we affect our health by making messes?

  4. oh my, i'm sure Manila would look the same from a distance.:p

  5. All those cranes amidst the smoke curls looks like dinosaurs in a primordial steamy atmosphere.
    When I was growing up they developed a system of "smog alerts" and on some days we children weren't allowed to play outside. With the strict emission controls legislation Cali passed back then, the view has cleared considerably (there were many days one could not see the nearby mountains for the brown smog curtain hanging all around). Poor lady liberty in the midst of all the pollution.

  6. Crumbs!! It does make for a quite spectacular photo, though, doesn't it. Wishing you a smog-free weekend, Alexa!

  7. the thought of smog is scary...whats more bothersome to me is when the air quality index is o bad they tell us on the news to stay indoors!

    great shot!

  8. Oh wow I thought it's a dark cloud hovering the city. Hmm I think people don't realize it, inhaling this every day it will take toll to our health someday. TC and Happy weekend!



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