Saturday, April 3, 2010

photo Hunter — "sweet"

This is the coconut birthday cake that
my sister-in-law (hey, I helped!) made for
my mom's 90th birthday. Here's the
recipe for anyone who wants to ingest
4,000 (absolutely worth it!) calories in one
small slice. This was taken after she blew
out the 9 (no, not 90) candles.

[See more takes on the "sweet" theme here.]


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  2. “Is that one of those coconut cakes Alexa is known to abet the commission of that I spy? Forget the metro. The blasted things are always going on strike anywho. I’ll be right over!

  3. TG -- As they say, "If I knew you were coming, I'd have baked a cake."

  4. I'm sure you were very helpful, Alexa ~ and someone had to lick the bowl, right?

    TG, your train of thought really is amazing.

  5. I LOVE coconut cake! My Mom is bringing one over for Easter - I can't wait.
    This looks scrumptious, thanks for the recipe.
    & Happy Easter Alexa!

  6. TG you are very funny! I love the links.

  7. Looks wonderful
    mine's up, too

  8. Looks absolutely delicious.

    I played, too.

  9. aloha,

    what a sweet interpretation of our photohunt challenge today for sweet. i really enjoyed seeing your cake, can i have a big slice please?????

    have a nice easter!

  10. 4,000 calories? And I thought I was ingesting a lot here in Poland... I must try this cake...

    It's me--Bibi!


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