Thursday, April 29, 2010

Face It

Want to play with your face?
Go to and insert a current
(or not so—in my case, this shot dates 
back to the dawn of photography) photo of your
mug into one of more than 150 effects.
Loads of fun for the whole family!

[If you want to see how others met the
"Thursday Challenge: Face," or play
along yourself, go here.]


  1. I went for a nude calendar of myself: here.

    This is fun, Alexa. Thanks. I’m glad you told us it was you in the gallery. Your photos depict a person who looks born to adorn gallery walls.

  2. I will definitely bookmark that link! I sometimes use a similar program at is it .net?

    I like this photo....who is it?

  3. Ooops...I see that is you....reading too early this morning.

  4. TG -- not at all! Nice cheeks, btw.

  5. that's nice kid photos! you look cute and innocent :-)
    here's another baby face photo -


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