Tuesday, April 20, 2010


As you know if you've come by lately, now
that the weather is nicer I've been interrupting
my subway commute with a walk across the
Brooklyn Bridge on my way to work—and home.
• A monthly subway pass = $89.
• The iPod on which I upload free NPR
podcasts of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me"
to listen to as I hike the mile+ over
the bridge = $150.
• This incredible view of the Empire
State Bldg. framed by a stanchion of the
Manhattan Bridge = priceless.

[This post is part of That's My World Tuesday.
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  1. aloha,

    thanks for showing us a little bit about your corner of the world today....sounds like a nice thing to enjoy the views crossing the bridge and get a little excercise also :)

  2. I'll say, that view is priceless. wonderful capture Alexa!

  3. Love this photo -- and your commentary...

  4. what a marvelous shot! priceless, indeed.

  5. Well said, well said!! What a great photo you got! How did I miss this when I walked? Talking to you and Lily, I guess! :)

  6. You created a work of beauty not unlike yesterday’s 1893 Waldorf-Astoria salad, I mean clock.

  7. Gosh, that's stunning! And hahaha, I love your interpretation of your new routine as well, Alexa.

  8. The framing of the Empire State Building is awesome, great shot. I would love to visit NYC one day, although I think I will be scared stiff for the first few hours by the sheer size ;)

  9. A beautifully composed image and a post that makes me smile, thank you :)

  10. That is one wonderful photograph. PERFECTLY framed.
    And I love "Wait wait" too!

  11. Wait, wait, don't tell me -- I know this is the most awesome photo!

  12. Thanks, everyone—I love the bridge, I love the walk, and I love that you all liked this post!

  13. Beautiful Pic. One of the most beautiful lanscaoes of NYC. I like to walk across the Manhattan Bridge too...


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