Tuesday, April 6, 2010

another balloon boy

Caught this one (and he caught me catching
him!) recently along Gramercy Park North, on one 
of the first beautiful spring days we had
after more than our share of snow followed
by more than our share of rain.  He did remind
me a bit of this guy.

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  1. What a glorious day and smile that young man is giving you. Nice playful pic, Alexa.

  2. what a catch! he looks happy to be photographed too. & yes, wasn't yesterday glorious?

  3. Beautiful shot, lovely colors.

  4. Delightful photo! I'm so happy you're having lovely weather -- you sure deserve it after the winter you've had.

  5. I'm glad I enlarged that ~ what a sweet grin he's giving you, Alexa!! This photo beams of spring.

  6. i think all of your photos are just one better than the other. But this one stopped me on my heels. Lovely place to be on a Saturday morning!


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