Tuesday, April 13, 2010

That's My World

Still walking across the bridge after work,
and still taking photos (for myself and also for
 the many, many visitors I encounter who are 
holding their camera at arm's 
length as they try to take a photo of
themselves)—and if I see these T-shirts again, 
I might have to buy one (and will
probably feel compelled to explain that,
no, I am NOT a tourist.

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  1. that is one fun "commute". Walking across that day with you and Bibi was such fun! Wonderful image Alexa.
    ; )

  2. The way you photograph the BB it comes off a lot like this.

    I like those T-shirts. Do they have them in tall sizes?

  3. Where were these shirts when we four walked the bridge?? I would have definitely bought one!

  4. unusual bridge, like the rods supporting it. I suppose it is not where the tourists go, as I have not been there.

  5. TG -- that's just the way it is (and I haven't seen the shirt guy since I took this shot—maybe he's moved on to a new design and the Manhattan Bridge).
    Ann -- This bridge is most definitely where the tourists are!


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