Friday, April 2, 2010

skywatch Friday

Well, there's not a whole lot I can say
about this one, except that it was
taken at the end of a beautiful summer day in
 Virginia, part of why I keep going back—
that and the relatives who live
there (and since you can't choose your
relatives, I am so lucky to have the ones I do).

[You can see more Skywatch images here.]


  1. Hmmmmmmmmnnnhhh. (A soft humming exhale)

    Thanks Alexa. It’s so nice now to fill my lungs with such gorgeous fresh air.

  2. That is AMAZING! A real treat to enlarge too.

  3. The colours, the peaceful night sky...ah yes....I can understand the captured it well....

  4. Oh, that is gorgeous! {And regarding the rellies, I'm lucky too, something for which I constantly give thanks.} Have a beautiful weekend, Alexa!

  5. Oh, Alexa, that's gorgeous. My favorite colors plus a moon, all in one photo.

  6. Well, with such a beautiful picture one may not say much, the picture does the talking...

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