Thursday, April 15, 2010

New York at Night (6)

This is one of Apple's three stores in
Manhattan—the one downtown in Chelsea. 
 Wonder how many iPads
they've sold since Apple came out
with their latest toy last weekend?
To find out, see here.
Can't afford it myself, but then again,
I don't have an iPhone or even a
Blackberry (and don't feel lost without
either—go figure).


  1. Yeah, things are happening in your part of the world, Alexa.

    Last Christmas, as a gift to myself, I popped for one of those iPod Touches up there on the billboard. I love the thing even though I don’t crank it up that often (“Silence is Golden”). It’s almost maxxed out already, but man am I ready if I volunteer to rebuild castles in the south of France again and we have hot parties (in need of background music) with unbelievable Bulgarian dancers. OK, that’s not going to happen (bad back). No problem then if I don’t upload Led Zeppelin I and II; Jefferson Airplane; Electrifying Eddie Harris; Chambers Brothers; Cafe del Mar #6; Super Session; Wes Montgomery; Van Morrison; CCR; et al...

  2. I have an apple (not an Apple!) on my desk. It smells good.

  3. You both gave me a much-needed laugh today!


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