Tuesday, April 27, 2010

That's My World Tuesday

The brick buildings on either side are part
of the Governor Alfred E. Smith Houses—12 
buildings on about 22 acres, with 1,931 apartments 
and almost 6,000 residents.
This may be the projects (council houses),
but with the Brooklyn Bridge close by on one side 
and that tall-ish building on the other, 
they have some million-dollar views!

[Go here to see more of the world.]


  1. I love the framing of these beautiful Pointy-topped Doo-dads, Alexa. What a view, indeed.

  2. I'd love looking out on this. I'd like to have a place with a fire escape to sit on...or else a rooftop terrace.

  3. Its a great view, I would love to see New York one day. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. with all that acres in new york city he is no doubt a very very rich man... good view from wherever you took the pictrues.

  5. Great view. I always wonder how it feels to live there with only buildings around.

  6. And what a beautiful world you have!


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