Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Watched this tough-looking bulldog
cross Broadway at 23rd Street—and as the
 dog's owner stopped near me,
I heard him say, "Come on, Buttercup,
there's a good dog."
Excuse me—Buttercup??

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  1. Maybe the owner has a droll sense of humor :)

    Love your photos!

  2. Buttercup? A bull dog? Come on!! :D

  3. I’d hate to tangle with any pet that bulldog’s owner names “Spike.”

    But ”Buttercup!” Kind of like calling this boxer “Petunia.” (Which I am not!)

  4. Really great photo, I like the shadow from the person stepping off the sidewalk on the right. Nice!

  5. Oh, that is very sweet!! Anyone who names their bulldog "Buttercup" must have a soft centre!

  6. Oh,....Buttercup! I parked next to a pick-up truck in the US once and in the back there was a so, so friendly dog, which I furiously patted while it licked me. I looked at its name tag....and it was marked 'Killer.'

  7. buttercup!!
    that's priceless
    I love bulldogs, I love the way they strut
    great photo

  8. Bulldog Buttercup,
    tell me, sweetie, what is up?
    Are you tough inside?

    Your choice of shadows:
    Stony Shadows
    Deluge of darkness


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