Monday, April 12, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

Unfortunately for Mellow Yellow purposes,
International Waffle Day (March 24) was on
a Wednesday this year. These waffles are Belgian, 
but IWD originated in Sweden.
("God dag, Sven—let's have some waffles and 
celebrate the end of that long, dark
winter!") So if you figured out where this
truck would be (that day, it was parked on 
46th Street between 5th and 6th Aves.) and you wore
 something yellow, they'd give you one
 free waffle.  Nice PR, eh?

[See more Mellow Yellow here.]


  1. I’m all set; but please tell me that truck isn’t gone yet. I’ve just about decided on my “whatchammacallits” topping. I’m not going to be able to see the waffle through all the dinges.

    So what did you get, Alexa? Or did you hurry down the street for a shot of that yellow, what looks like, a “Jack Rabbit’s” sign.

    Your photo is deeply atmospheric. There seems to be something always going on in the views of your town you kindly show us.

  2. That bright waffle van is far from a wallflower! Nice tradition. I'd be happy to have an excuse for a Belgian waffle, with vanilla bean ice-cream and hot fudge sauce.

  3. Oh, yum. But I own nothing yellow! I love waffles.

  4. Yay!! This is so cool, I sure love to buy anything in this little car. Happy Monday!

    MYM-An Angel
    MacroMonday-The Bug

  5. Ha ha. You made me laugh, Alexa. And here I thought that topping on my waffle was vanilla icing with flaked licorice.

    You’ll never guess what topping is preferred by this chick.

  6. I love waffle especially if it is still hot. hmm yummy! i like this mobile car for business.


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