Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Photo Challenge: "Food"

They were in a tank, in a food store in Chinatown.

But I always thought of these fish as
strictly ornamental.  I'm confused.

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  1. Those faces look as if they are pleading for their very survival. It's either that or they just want your attention, which is the first thing I thought before I read your post.
    I guess some things we will never know for sure.
    Whatever the case may be, this is a fantastic photo Alexa.

  2. Was that aquarium in front of a pet shop or restaurant? Maybe these decorative nishiki koi are just begging for food like here.

    Here is a shot of some in China. It looks like the guy is trying to get a handout from them.

    I used to love watching them swim in local waterways (not in China). Koi are famous for their fortitude in swimming against the current. I swear, though, I think some of them like to get high on the oxygenated water at the base of waterfalls. They can hang out in such places quite a while, intently. 

    A few of them do like to be babied though. Or is that “milk fed”?

  3. Aw, gosh, I would want to save them, too. They're beautiful.

  4. Wow, it's amazing you got all the fishes together. They look like fishes in a beautiful aquarium. Looked to good and cute to eat them.

    Agree with Bibi too, wouldnt want to eat them.... Can we save them instead?

  5. Great linkage, TG! I'd like to go with his assessment that they were hoping I'd feed them. But they were crammed into a tank in a food store (also, I've never seen a house with a koi pond in Manhattan), so . . .
    Well, I wouldn't (knowingly) eat them.

  6. Seeing those in a tank in a food shop would be like seeing pure-bred pedigree dogs in cages in a dog-meat restaurant. But, somewhere, in a secret hidden corner, there just might even be a restaurant of sorts specializing in a cuisine made of, not just pedigrees, but famous, prize-winning show dogs.

    I’m glad I’m mostly vegetarian.

    I just checked the prices of koi at The cheapest 6"er is $45. Other small koi can get up to $90 or even $125. Medium-sized ones can range from a low of $225 for an 11" one, upwards to say $950 for one 15"-16". Large ones from 17"-26" are $1,000 something to $3,800.

    That food shop proprietor would have to be crazy to sell those for food. Or a person even more so to buy them for food.

  7. TG—of course, we all know that New Yorkers ARE nuts—but I'm gonna have to look into this! More TK.


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