Thursday, April 1, 2010

more terrace envy

And these are in Rome. To the best of
my recollection, this place is on via
Gregoriana, near the corner of via le Case 
(just in case anyone else is as
addicted to Google Earth as I am).


  1. Now, if I said "to the best of my recollection," it would be in another place entirely ~ but coming from you, Alexa, I'm sure it's exactly where you recall it to be. :) I love this. And so worth enlarging.

  2. Shell, she is indeed correct, but she could have added Via Francesco Crispi to her astonishingly remembered Via Gregoriana and Via di Capole Case as seen here on Google maps.

  3. I'm slowly getting my terrace ready for spring. I love to sit out on it, surrounded by flowers. I wish I could sit on THIS terrace.

  4. Oops. Via di Capo le Case. Missed that space. Like Bibi, I wish I could miss that space on Alexa’s terrace. But I’d have to be out there on it some time to miss it. Hmm, just as soon as I get some scharole...

  5. Mmmm, A terrace in Rome, in spring! I love that!

  6. I wish we could all sit out on this terrace, sipping a nice Soave and counting our scharole (which, as TG so rightly points out, we'd need lots & lots of to afford this place). Oh well, there's always Google Maps and an active imagination . . .


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