Wednesday, April 14, 2010

abc wednesday - M is for "Murano"

Murano is the island just off Venice where
the glassblowers had to relocate (in 1291)
because of the very real risk of fire. They're still 
"doing their thing" here (love those
chandeliers) more than 700 years later!

[See how others interpret "M" at ABC
Wednesday, here.]


  1. Beautiful! so colorful. I don't think I'd ever get bored of looking at one of these chandeliers.

  2. I’m with Lily H. If I were ever to attend a dinner party where there was a Murano chandelier I would either starve from ever looking upwards and not at my plate, or I would hit-or-miss attack the soup bowl by touch hoping the lion’s share wouldn’t dribble down my nearly horizontal chin.

    I learned a one-point-lesson second hand from Bill Clinton about glass blowing. Don’t inhale.

  3. Of course you noticed that at Eric’s Bistro de la Muette there is a black crystal Murano chandelier.

    Love to stop by there some day (like today!).

  4. Ditto to Lily and TG ~ M is for Magnificent.

  5. I want want! But doubt I could afford it...gorgeous.

  6. Oh wow that is a magnificent chandelier! I saw once a glassblowing show and I was so amazed. I could tell not everybody has this kind of skill. The fire is too hot and you have to have a talent to mix colors and design vases etc. Love it!

    ABC Wednesday~M

  7. That top picture is practically an EXPLOSION of color!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. i enjoyed visiting murano when we were in venice last year. its amazing what those glass blowers can do!


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